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How to Search for a New Job While Employed

One of the trickiest job seeker questions to answer is how to search for a new job while employed. Whether you have hit a wall at your current job or just don’t like it any longer, conducting a job search after updating your resume can be a harrowing experience. Following a few key pieces of advice will guide you through the process and keep your current job secure too.

Confidentiality is Key

Keeping your search under wraps is of the utmost importance. Ideally, you shouldn’t notify anyone at your current job, not even a close colleague, about how you contacted a professional resume writer. There are several reasons why confidentiality is prudent. First, it prevents your current company from terminating you if they find out that you are job hunting. Secondly, it prevents awkward working relationships if they find out but don’t fire you. Finally, after you interview at other companies, you may realize your current position isn’t so bad.

Don’t Slack Off

It’s important not to disengage at your current job until you have a new one. Don’t use company computers to look for jobs or resume writers when you should be working. Maintain your integrity and your work reputation, which your new employer will value just as much as your old one.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Update your LinkedIn account with as much information as possible. This is one of the premier networking sites that allows you to basically post your resume without it looking like a resume. Do not enable the option that says you are looking for job offers unless you are prepared for your current employer to find out. Stay away from traditional resume posting sites, which will make it obvious that you are job hunting.

Schedule Interviews Outside of Work

One of the trickiest parts of learning how to search for a new job while employed is interviewing. Try to schedule job interviews outside of work hours. Most hiring managers reviewing your updated resume will be happy to accommodate this request, and it actually makes you look good. If you need to go on an interview during work hours, schedule it in advance and use your personal or vacation time for it. Don’t just call in sick unexpectedly, as it will make people suspicious.

Use Caution With References

Avoid using your current colleagues and manager as references with your updated resume for your job interviews. Instead, select coworkers you have worked with in the past or trusted clients that you interact with regularly. If a new employer asks for a reference from your current company, state that you will be happy to provide one if they decide to extend a job offer.

Dress Carefully

Avoid dressing in business suits, especially if you typically wear polos and khakis. Keep interview attire in your car and change in the bathroom before going to an interview. Scheduling interviews outside of work hours will allow you time to change either before or after work.

Evaluate Your Progress

After you go on a few interviews, compare the other jobs and companies with your current position. You may just find that you have it pretty good. The perspective that you gain from the job search experience and the quality of your resume content can help you grow in your current position. There are positive take-aways from the experience, whether you take a new job or not.

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