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Outplacement and Career Transition Services

A quality outplacement and career transition plan is a vital component of any well-organized business. Layoffs, terminations, severance packages and other unique circumstances all require detailed planning for both the company and the employees involved. Assisting transitioning employees not only helps them get back on their feet, it has many advantages for the business as well. Vertical Media Solutions is ideally positioned to be your outplacement service vendor of choice. With an extensive background in recruiting, career coaching and resume preparation, our industry experts have what it takes to make any career transition easy for you as well as for your employees.

Business Advantages that Live On

Many of the advantages of quality outplacement services live on for years, adding to the company’s reputation and legacy. Here are just a few of the advantages that our outplacement services can provide you:

  • Reduced Liability. While layoffs and terminations are a fact of life, they can be handled in a way that minimizes your company liability. Outplacement services are part of a caring and fair separation program. They also display your company’s commitment to fulfilling your corporate responsibility to employees.
  • Enhanced Corporate Image. Preserve your company’s reputation by caring for transitioning staff. Outplacement plans elevate your brand in the eyes of investors, customers, remaining employees, future job candidates and the community in which you do business.
  • Improves Retention and Productivity of Remaining Staff. Effective outplacement services show that you care for employees, even when tough business decisions force layoffs.
  • Financial Advantages. The sooner displaced employees find new jobs, the lower the cost of insurance and other benefits that are paid for by the former employer. Additionally, outplacement services can be claimed as a tax write-off, thus lowering the actual cost to your company.
  • Time Savings. Outplacement services greatly reduce the HR time investment that is typically required for post-separation follow-up with transitioning employees.
  • Small Business or Large Corporation; We’re Here to Help

    Outplacement services aren’t just for large multi-national corporations and executive level positions. We can provide employee assistance to workers of all levels, from entry-level all the way up to CEOs. Additionally, our services are just as vital for small regional or independent businesses as they are for large corporations. Our services are aimed at equipping the displaced employee to achieve career success and even helping them determine whether they are on the right career path. Many times, displaced employees find that having access to outplacement services was one of the defining moments of their working life.

    Flexible Service Options and Customized Service

    Outplacement services aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. We understand that each company has specific needs and each transitioning employee needs specific help. Our goal is to help both employers and employees emerge from the process healthier and stronger. Our outplacement package options are highly flexible to accommodate the needs of your business. We work with each business to assess their current and ongoing needs and develop a package that fits them in both service offerings and in price. Your transitioning employees will benefit from the full suite of our career services at discounted rates, including: resumes, CV’s, cover letters, LinkedIn development, career coaching, interview preparation, and much more.

    Outplacement and Career Transition Services

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