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For professional resume writing and personalized interview preparation services, look no further than Vertical Media Solutions. We offer a full range of services to job seekers for producing quality resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and more. Rest assured that when hiring managers are culling through what can be dozens of applicants, your materials will stand out from the pack.

The cover letter is your introduction to hiring managers. All the professional resume writing in the world will not make a difference if the cover letter isn’t compelling and engaging. It has to spotlight qualities, skills and abilities that pique the reader’s interest. Undoubtedly, hiring managers will know you are interested in their position, not just a job.

If the cover letter is your introduction, the resume is how hiring managers get to know you better. Your resume has to be a powerful presentation of your professionalism and your qualifications. No matter how experienced and impressive your background, poor grammar, structure and formatting will cost you an interview.

Once you get that phone call, our interview preparation services can put you at the head of the class. It’s about being both personable and proficient. Knowing what to say. Knowing what not to say. It’s about knowing how to justify why you’re considering a new position outside of compensation or not liking your last employer. We know what the hiring managers are looking for.

The bottom line: Vertical Media Solutions combines certified resume writers with current employment market analysis, and we will use that expertise to bring value to your job search.

Our Background

At Vertical Media Solutions, we are more than just resume writers who can polish your resume to perfection. Our company has an extensive background in recruiting and candidate placement, as well as job coaching. This distinct advantage means our clients benefit from the vast knowledge and experience of our industry professionals.

Other resume writers focus on cleaning up formatting and highlighting job skills. Most of them have never actually been in the hiring seat. While crafting a polished resume is a good start, it neglects to address the other important factors that set top-notch resumes apart from the rest. Our background in recruiting gives us valuable insight into the best practices and current trends in hiring. We know what today’s hiring managers want and don’t want, because we interact with them daily.

Let us provide you with insider guidance on areas such as red flags to avoid, effective techniques for targeting specific industries and overcoming skill weaknesses. We do more than just polish your resume; we strategically evaluate and transform it into the best possible marketing piece. A resume shouldn’t just list your professional qualifications. It should engage and influence hiring managers.

While we can’t promise that you will get every job you apply for, we can promise to give you the best advantage possible.

Tax Deductible Services

Did you realize that in the United States it’s possible to deduct your job-seeking expenses for our writing services when you file your tax return? Not only can we assist you as you find your ideal job, we can also point you towards government resources to help you subtract any expense incurred during your employment search. While we may not be able to provide you with individual tax advice, we’re glad to let you in on this little-known fact when tax time rolls around. You can review tax laws at, specifically Publication 529 (2008), Miscellaneous deductions for more information.

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Vertical Media Solutions is a specialized writing firm that takes pride in delivering personalized resumes, CV’s, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles. Our consultative approach encourages an anxiety-free experience while producing the results you desire.

Discover how our value-added employment services elevate your position in the candidate pool.

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