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Job Interview Questions You Should Ask

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Hiring managers shouldn’t be the only ones asking questions during an employment interview. The interviewee should ask some questions of their own to effectively evaluate the job, the company and the working conditions. Here are just a few of the job interview questions you should ask.

1. Do I Qualify for Training or Education?

Companies love to talk about their educational opportunities, because employees who take advantage of these opportunities are typically more engaged and stay longer. This makes it seem as though you are planning a real future at the company. In addition, you’ll find out if there is any initial required training or if there is a waiting period for tuition reimbursement.

2. Does the Company Have Any New Products?

It’s best to read company press releases or news articles ahead of time so that you will know what new products or services the company has. Then ask the interviewer about the new products. This is a great way to transition into a discussion about overall company growth and your ability to grow with it.

3. What is the Biggest Problem Your Team Faces?

This question makes the interviewer see you as a team player. It also shows that you have a higher level of thinking than task-based employees. Follow up this question by asking how you can help solve or alleviate the problem.

4. What About the People That I’ll Work With Daily?

When asking this question, phrase it as if you already have the job, which also makes you seem like a team player. Listen carefully as the interviewer describes each individual, as this will help you interact with them once you are hired.

5. What are the Critical Skills Needed For This Position?

Asking an interviewer this question gives you insight into the working conditions and the manager too. If they focus on multitasking and quick thinking, follow up by asking why these are important. It could mean that you’ll be putting out fires all day. On the positive side, if the manager mentions a skill that you haven’t talked about yet, respond with how you have implemented or used that skill in your past work experience.

6. How Did the Last Person in This Position Succeed?

Asking this question can give you the good aspects and the bad aspects of a job. The key is to simply ask it and then let the interviewer talk. Often they will give out more information than they should. This question tells you about the type of situation that you are walking into by accepting the job. If the previous person did a poor job, the interviewer will have a hard time coming up with successes. It also gives you insight into what your potential future manager considers successful.

7. Do You Have Any Hesitations In Hiring Me?

One of the final job interview questions you should ask is if they would hesitate to hire you. Not only does the answer to this question tell you exactly where you stand, it also gives you the opportunity to counteract any negatives. This question should only be directed at a decision maker, such as the actual hiring manager, not at a human resources representative.

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