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The Proper Etiquette Following a Job Interview

The Proper Etiquette Following a Job Interview

A job interview allows your prospective employer to learn more about your employment background, and whether you’d fit well with their team.  Your interview may be conducted in a variety of ways, depending on whether you meet with Human Resources, or the actual hiring manager – so be prepared to adapt.  As a candidate, you will want to embrace this process as an opportunity to understand the technical requirements and corporate culture.  Analyze this information so that you can make an educated decision about whether you are a good fit for the position.

Job Interview Follow-up Letter

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Most people become nervous when sitting in a job interview, this is normal.  We suggest that you bring a notepad and write down key points during your conversation with the interviewer. This will allow you to recall important details, and will help you get back on target if you are thrown off by a particular question. You will also be more equipped to follow up after the interview is complete.  When you part ways with the interviewer, allow yourself the opportunity to calm down, and consider the experience as a whole.

Proving Your Level of Professionalism

First, you need to send a thank you letter to the people who have carried out the interview.  We suggest that you strategically craft an email one day after the job interview – the letter doesn’t need to be long, keep things concise.  This is an opportunity to refer back to the notes you wrote during your interview. Don’t just write about how much you want the job; focus on the technical skills that you offer, and why you feel you’d be a solid fit for the position at hand.  Hiring managers prefer when a candidate desires a long-term match with the company, this message can be delivered by showing that you truly understand the technical requirements, and how you can meet them.

In addition to expressing your gratitude to the interview panel, you should seek to understand the status of your application. If your potential employer requires additional information, such as transcripts or references, you should send it to them right away. If the company is not contacting you with regard to your application, wait 7-10 days, and give them a call directly.  Do not press for a timeline; instead ask if you can provide any additional supporting documents. Listen for clues about where they are in the interview process, and make a mental note.

Typically, job applicants consider a variety of positions when searching for a new career. For that reason, you might agree to another job opportunity while your other application processes are active.  If this occurs, you should contact the employers that you are interviewing with, and let them know that you’re no longer available. Make certain that you exhibit appreciation for their time, and consideration. This is just good business.

Leave The Door Open For Future Opportunities

After Your Job InterviewIt’s also an excellent idea to send a follow up message if you are ruled out, or sent a rejection letter.  Simply because you are unsuccessful on one occasion does not suggest that you wouldn’t be a good fit for a different position, within the organization. Prove your professionalism by sending an email to convey your gratitude – this will also show that you didn’t take the rejection personally.

Consider and apply this advice when following up on a job interview, it may boost your chances of succeeding during your subsequent interviews.


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