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Outplacement Services Help Reduce Corporate Liability

Reduced Liability

Although workplace reductions and restructurings are a necessary part of doing business, they also present serious legal risks. While some businesses opt to go it alone, or contact legal representation for advice, corporate outplacement services can also help mitigate the potential for lawsuits and corporate liability.

A Smoother Notification Process

While some employees may anticipate that a job loss is coming, most are caught completely off guard. This can lead to a volatile reaction on the day that they are notified of their termination and can lead to threats of a lawsuit. In fact, many lawsuits are directly tied to an improperly handled termination notice or untrained managers who did not follow the proper protocol. However, if part of the notification process contains detailed information about the assistance provided by a corporate outplacement service, it can go much smoother.

Displaced Workers Have a Plan to Move Forward

The main reasons that individuals file lawsuits are because they feel disgruntled or that a disservice has been done to them in some way. It’s easy to see why a terminated employee would feel this way when they are left with no gainful employment and no path to achieving it. By partnering with a corporate outplacement service, businesses can immediately provide displaced workers with contact information for career assistance individuals who can help them take the next step towards finding a new job. This is part of providing the continuing benefits needed to support these displaced individuals and help them make a successful transition to the next step in their careers.

Care & Compassion Can Reduce Liability Risks

One of the most important things that outplacement services does to reduce liability risks for employers is to focus the displaced worker’s attention on the future rather than on the past. By providing hope and career assistance, outplacement services give former employees the vital tools and emotional support that they and their families need to move forward in their lives. This care and compassion exhibited by the employer often mitigates any negative feelings that the employee experiences upon notification of a termination. It also reinforces the positive relationship between the company and the employee rather than creating a hostile relationship which can lead to legal implications and lawsuits. Expert career coaching, talent assessment, interview preparation and resume and cover letter development are just a few of the hallmarks of exceptional quality that are offered through the Vertical Media Solutions’ outplacement services program.

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Outplacement Services Help Reduce Corporate Liability August 5, 2015