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Why Hire A Certified Professional Resume Writer?

Understanding the Return on Investment from Using Professional Resume Writing Services

The average job search takes about 18 weeks, which means that you’re spending plenty of time and resources to take your career to the next level. Although paying for a professionally-written resume and a perfectly updated LinkedIn profile may not seem high on your list of priorities, it should be. The return on investment when you use Vertical Media Solutions is worth it.

You’ll Make That Money Back the First Week of Work

Assume for a moment that you make $60,000 a year. If you divide that by 52, it means you’re earning an average of $1,154 per week. One of the perks of hiring a professional writer to help you with everything from your resume to your social profiles is the fact that you can land your new job far more quickly than if you wrote your resume yourself. For example, if it only takes 16 weeks to get your job, that’s two weeks sooner than before. It adds up to an additional $2,308 for the year, which is far, far more than you’ll pay for professional writing.

It’s Affordable

If you think you’ll have to pay a professional a small fortune, think again. Our prices are fair and fall in the middle of the road when compared to all of our competitors, but the quality is unsurpassed. Not only are you paying for a professional resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, but you’re also paying for the expertise our writers can give. We can help you prepare for your interview, coach you for your job, and more – all for less than many of the competitors. When you perform better, you can earn a higher salary, which makes it worth your time to consider our services.

It’s Tax Deductible

Vertical Media Solutions is not a tax advisor, but resume and career preparation is considered a job-related expense. This means that the funds provided to us to help you find (and land) your next job are tax-deductible, just like your travel and supplies expenses, which can save you even more money in the long run. Please talk to your accountant or tax preparer for more information about this particular perk.

You’re Always Prepared

If you haven’t updated your resume in a while and your LinkedIn profile is out of date, things can get stressful when a new opportunity arises. Imagine the peace of mind that would come from knowing you’re ready for whatever may come. For example, if you’re offered a promotion at your current place of employment, your employer will likely want to see your LinkedIn profile to check for recommendations or your resume to show your education and skills. Allowing Vertical Media Solutions to make that happen means you’re prepared no matter what might come your way.

You Won’t Miss Out

Chances are good that your dream job is also someone else’s dream job, which means you’ll be competing with others in the workforce. After all, you don’t want your resume to get you just any job; you want the right job, which is the one that will satisfy and fulfill you for a lifetime. The best companies out there are very, very choosy when it comes to their candidates, and the way those companies see you often depends on the way your resume is written and how you conduct yourself in an interview. Thus, hiring a professional service to help you land that job can provide you with a lifetime of happiness and satisfaction. You can’t put a price tag on that.

You’ll Get Unsurpassed Expertise

It’s hard to know what to say to an interviewer if you aren’t sure what he or she is looking for. It’s almost like a puzzle – you’ll have to anticipate the questions you’ll be asked, which can vary depending on the industry and the position for which you apply. You’ll have to know what to say and when to say it, too. Vertical Media Solutions can help you solve the puzzle, ensuring that you present yourself as the perfect candidate for the career you want. Our experts understand every industry imaginable, and they know precisely what these companies want. When you pay for professional services, you’ll gain access to that invaluable expertise.

It’s a Complement to Your Professional Degree

The average cost of a bachelor’s degree in a public four-year college is about $22,261 per year. At a private college, it’s more like $43,289 per year. Even if you qualify for grants, scholarships, and aid, you’ve still paid $5750 for public schooling or $15,680 for private schooling. The degree you paid for – and worked hard for – is the very first step in your career. Once that’s finished, paying a professional for coaching and writing seems insignificant, but it offers a host of perks and benefits that will set you apart from other jobseekers. It complements your degree, which shows you are competent, knowledgeable, and dedicated to your career.

A Higher Salary for a Lifetime

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average person has 10 jobs over the course of a lifetime, including jobs they take in high school and through college. Professionals may have three or four jobs related to their degree, and if they use professional writing and coaching services each time, they may spend $2000 to $3000 over the course of a lifetime. When compared to the average amount of money a professional earns throughout his or her career (roughly $1.8 million if you have a bachelor’s degree or higher), that money is merely a drop in the bucket, and an amazing investment toward a lifetime of rewards.

Professional writing and coaching services do much more than simply provide you with a resume that is free from grammar and spelling errors. It optimizes everything – from your resume, to your social profiles, to your ability to ace your interview – and gives you a far better chance at earning more money over the course of your lifetime. The best part is that it’s also your best chance to get the job of your dreams, which is priceless.

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Why Hire A Certified Professional Resume Writer? December 13, 2016