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Job Interview Etiquette: Make A Good First Impression

What is Considered Proper Job Interview Etiquette?

With hundreds of new jobs being posted online every week, understanding proper job interview etiquette is an important component for a successful interview. What you wear and how you greet the interviewer will create the correct or incorrect first impression. There is, also, more to the etiquette than your presentation. It starts with….

The Research: What Do You Know About the Employer?

Always invest the time to conduct research on the company. This can be a simple as searching for details related to the number of employees, locations, and annual sales. It’s also wise to review the products on the corporate website, so you can intelligently compare your existing responsibilities to those of the new position. Knowledge is power.

Getting Back to the Dress Code…

Regardless of the type of job you’re looking for, you want that first impression to be a positive one. Choose clothing that makes sense for the target industry and company culture. If you are meeting in an office setting, wear professional business attire. On the flip side, if you’re applying for a position in a machine shop, avoid the tie and wear the clean polo-style shirt. The last thing you want is to get pulled into a factory machine while you are touring the facility. The concept is to look as professional as possible, without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Be Punctual and Exhibit Confidence in Yourself.

Do everything within the law to arrive early to your interview. You could even sit in the parking lot for a few minutes and gather your thoughts before walking in. Hiring managers tend to have little empathy for candidates that show up late to an interview.

Greet the hiring manager with a firm handshake and use eye contact. You may be surprised at how often a nervous person will forget to do this. And bring a detailed list of technical questions that you’d like to ask. Do not be afraid to bring a notepad and a pen – this shows that you are going to take an active role.

Deliver Succinct Answers to the Questions you are Being Asked.

Do your best to answer the interviewer’s questions in a concise manner. You may feel the need to elaborate in certain situations, but do this sparingly. Nothing is more annoying than having an interview hijacked by someone who doesn’t know when to wrap up a response. Ask the hiring manager to define the position and focus your attention on the daily expectations and challenges of the job. Part of proper job interview etiquette is to posture appropriately. Try not to just say ‘yes’ to everything that is being asked of you. If you lack a technical skill, admit it, but always counter with a positive – your willingness to learn it.

Try not to leave the interview before you have a solid understanding of whether you are capable of doing the job described to you. One common pitfall is allowing your desire for the job to overcome the reality of your abilities. If you accept a job that you aren’t going to be able to do, the success will only be short lived. Eventually your employer will realize you fooled them.

Ask the Interviewer for Some Instant Feedback.

At the completion of the interview make sure you thank all of the people involved. Ask for business cards so that you can send personalized thank you email letters. If you feel you are qualified for the task at hand, make sure to express your interest in the job and ask about the next step. Give the hiring manager some affirmation about your excitement, and it may be just enough to tip the scales in your favor.

It’s wise to approach each interview with a customized research session. The size of the company, the industry it services and the geographic region all play a major role in how an interview will be conducted. Contact the certified interview preparation experts at Vertical Media Solutions to learn more about current job interview etiquette. We are available Monday through Saturday, 8am to 8pm EST, so give us a call today: 616-631-4300 or 517-308-0800.

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