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Amplifying Your Life Experiences To Create Value For Employers

Highlight Your  Relevant Life Experience and Attract Employers

There’s no exact science to the crafting of a quality cover letter and resume.  You need to know what you bring to the table and how you plan to deliver that information to the hiring manager.

What Does That Mean?

Know yourself. I know – it sounds a bit simple.  You may be expecting super-technical tips on the best tactics to writing a good resume, but in all reality you have to understand that doing a job correctly requires nothing more than some of the most basic skills done to perfection.

This doesn’t mean you can skip the whole college bit, though.  Experience, credentials, diplomas and degrees – they all are more than relevant in today’s job market.

But more than that, understand that employers really don’t know anything about you, except for what will be in your cover letter and resume.  And that’s it.

So Make Sure You Add Everything of Value Into Your Resume

This is what I mean by “amplify your life experiences.”  Amplify them in your cover letter.  Amplify them in your resume.

You do that by taking into account the real value of skills you’d normally find ‘mundane.’  Many corporations and businesses wouldn’t survive without tasks, such as –

  •  Running a Cash Register
  •  Babysitting Children
  •  Selling Girl Scout Cookies
  •  Folding Clothes on an Endcap

These are common job duties.  But underneath it all, they have more value than you think, especially in a resume.  Although how you present that value is important.  Why do these ‘common’ skills matter?

The Key to Writing a Good Resume

Transfer those job duties as relevant skills in the job market.  Don’t simply write about what you did – but how you did it, and how the employer benefited from it.

Utilize your own life experiences and transfer them into your resume.  Every job will require some basic skills.

Potential candidates seem to forget how priceless that is, only focusing on trite words and job descriptions for past employers with cool clout and credentials.  The fact is, employers see those types of resumes everyday by the dozens.

You have to stand out.  Pull everything about yourself into that resume and show that even while you’re in high school or college, you’re already shaping to be a dynamite professional.  Develop those key core skills numerous people forget to emphasize.

Running a cash register: what skill does that provide?  It shows you have skills in accounting, management, finance.  How about babysitting? Try supervisory skills.  These are key qualities everyone would look for in a resume, and you can acquire them even without ‘professional experience.’

If you’re a girl scout, know that skills you develop include goal setting, teamwork, leadership and strategic sales planning.  And, of course, if you’re good at folding clothes at a retail store part-time, understand that makes you an expert at merchandising and design.

Get the Picture?  You Are a Professional Already.

Your life has shown it.  So you want the key to writing a good resume?  Look inside yourself. Dissect what you’ve done throughout your entire life, and rest assured: you’re going to get off on the right foot.

Your resume needs to be about you.  Not simply about your “work history.”

Amplify your life experiences and make your professional future spectacular.

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