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How to Keep the New Job You Finally Landed

Congratulations. You’ve just landed your dream job. Now that the hard work is over and search complete, it’s time to buckle down and plan your strategy for success. Now that you have the job you want, focus on how you will work to keep that job. Enjoy these many tips on how to keep the new job you finally landed.

Don’t Go Against the Grain

The culture is established. There is no need to stand out for all of the wrong reasons. Make sure that you are focused on assimilation if it is your goal to be recognized and promoted. Companies feel comfortable with candidates who demonstrate an ability to adapt and become fully integrated into their culture.

Provide Input Only When Asked

Most companies have their way of doing things. Companies aren’t designed for radical changes in a short span of time. Offering input only makes sense when a person has come to you personally for suggestions. Providing input when unwelcome may be received wrong and can come off as being too eager or overly critical.

Stay Within Your Pay Grade

This means becoming aware of your key performance indicators. Know what they expect of you and deliver just that. You can never underperform if you are aware of and are satisfying your performance expectations. Avoid concerning yourself with bigger, larger issues you don’t have much weight in resolving. Mastering your role in the beginning stages is incredibly important.

Remain on Task

Eliminate the distractions like surfing the web or tinkering with mobile devices. If you are new to the position, you should be present mentally and appear to be dedicated at all times. You don’t want to appear too comfortable and settled when starting out. If not building relationships, your job duties should be top priority.

Remain on task at work | Vertical Media Solutions

Ask for Performance Feedback

There is no better way to guarantee that you are on the right track than to request regular feedback from your superiors. You may schedule your performance reviews with your superiors or ask for a simple, impromptu review over a casual lunch. This is one of the most important tips on how to keep the new job you finally landed.

Address Grievances in a Diplomatic Way

Never address grievances when you’re agitated or not feeling your best. Always have a well thought-out strategic approach when handling conflicts. Remember that most conflicts are manageable when they’re approached in a professional, isolated, and calm setting. The better you understand the culture, the better you will be able to handle any disagreements.

Bond with Others

If your goal is to move up with that company, you have to be sociable and go out to lunch occasionally with coworkers. This helps coworkers trust you and helps you establish a rapport with them. You have to invest effort into schmoozing, especially if it is your goal to move up in the ranks.

Bond with others at work | Vertical Media Solutions

Become Engaged With the On-boarding Program

On-boarding programs are especially designed to help you transition into the culture. The coaching they offer is designed to get you acclimated to the new role and its expectations. They want you to succeed because they invested a lot in finding and recruiting you. Draw on their expertise, and take advantage of the coaching provided.

Continue Learning

Companies are constantly in transition. As they undergo changes, roles may be redefined and even expanded. Remaining in a position to quickly adapt to a new position when corporate needs change helps you stay employed. Take advantage of a free lunch, learning sessions and other training offered.

Keep Networking

Companies often hold after-hour events. Some may even offer corporate-wide contests or campaigns. Networking keeps you in the loop for things like job openings. It can also be that important step in finding a mentor.

Stay Above the Office Politics

It can be hard to gain the trust of peers if always involved in gossip. Gossiping can easily distract you and can set you up for potential conflict if not careful. Strike a balance between being corporately aware and active in communication.

Gain the Confidence of Your Peers

Start working immediately. Focus on meeting deadlines. Look for opportunities to help out where needed to show that you are a supportive team member. Showing that you are a reliable teammate means committing to deadlines and helping others when needed.

Keep Your Lines of Communications Open

Schedule meetings with your boss. Ask questions to gain clarity on subjects. Communicate concerns constructively. Keep your boss in the loop at all times. It is recommended that you schedule a series of meetings when you first start.

Know Your Employee Contract

There may be provisions in your contract pertaining to intellectual property. Make sure to take into account the restrictions preventing you from engaging in certain activities after work. You don’t want be in a position where you can be in breach of contract.

Know your employment contract | Vertical Media Solutions

Keep Your Criticism to a Minimum

No one really needs to know what you think or where you think the company is getting it wrong. Always speak highly of the company, and paint it in the best light with other employees.

Finish the Project at All Costs

If you have taken on a major project, finish it. Make sure that if you volunteer to complete a project, you are able to deliver it. Be prepared to keep others in the loop if there will be any hiccups preventing you from meeting those deadlines early on as you work through the project.

Be Memorable for the Right Reasons

As long as your duties and responsibilities are met, volunteer for highly visible opportunities to showcase your talent. This will help management keep you in mind for any opportunities.

Respect the Rules

Never use company equipment and resources for personal purposes. This is inappropriate and risks your personal privacy. This can raise questions about your respect for the company and your ability to comply with company rules.

Respect the rules at work | Vertical Media Solutions

Be Proactive

When doctor’s appointments or personal matters needing your attention come up, discuss them immediately with your supervisor. Don’t wait until the last minute to disclose absences, tardiness and similar attendance issues with management.

Do What You Do Well

Focusing on your strengths is important in your new job role. One of the reasons you were hired is because of your strengths. If you were hired because you were great at organizing, remember that and focus on getting better at it. Avoid deviating too far from the strengths employers saw in you when they first selected you for the position.

This is how to keep the new job you finally landed. You must be “on” at all times when you are hired. If your goal is to remain with a company long term and grow, you must look and play the part effectively. Remembering why you were hired and being clear on your role expectations is essential in keeping your job. If you are trying to get ahead within a company, take into account every action required to get to the next level.

How to Keep the New Job You Finally Landed | Vertical Media Solutions

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