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We offer this free service with no commitment or obligation on your part. You simply upload your resume to us and we evaluate it, for absolutely nothing.

Why make such an offer? The professionals at Vertical Media Solutions believe that everyone should have the most powerful resume possible when looking for a job. You deserve the best opportunity possible to get a job interview and we want to help with that.

If you write your own resume and get no objective feedback on it, all you can do is guess what to try next to get it noticed. With our free resume evaluation, you will have concrete, actionable steps you can take to improve your resume.

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Free Resume Evaluation | Vertical Media Solutions

The Challenges of Writing a Great Resume

There are millions of articles on how to write a resume. Unfortunately, there is no easy way for you to see how helpful a particular article is. After an hour or two of reading through the articles on the first page of search results, you probably get frustrated and just start writing, drawing on whatever information you read. The resume gets written, but it’s rushed and lacks the polish necessary to persuade a hiring manager to schedule an interview.


Perhaps you set it aside to review the next day to check for spelling, grammar, and typos. After half an hour or so making a few more changes, you look at and think, That’s about as good as it’s gonna get, and upload it to Indeed, Monster, or one of the other job search sites.


A week goes by, then two weeks. The three-week mark passes, and still no interviews. Panic sets in and you go through another round of research, with an almost complete rewrite of your resume. You update the sites you uploaded your resume to, apply to a dozen jobs, and wait.


Does this sound familiar?


Writing Your Resume is HARD

What can be so difficult about writing your resume — it’s just your work history, right? Well, it is about your work history, but that’s just a part of what you need to present in your resume. A lot of other details need to be included in your resume to compel the right people to read your resume and schedule a job interview.


What Hiring Managers Want to Know

According to this study conducted by The Ladders conducted research that found recruiters spend about 6 seconds reviewing a resume to decide if a candidate is suited for the job.


80% of that time was spent reading six items:


  1. Name of candidate
  2. Current position and employer name
  3. Previous position and employer name
  4. Dates when employee started and left previous employer
  5. Dates when employee started and left current employer
  6. Education


The last 20% of their time was spent looking for keywords that matched the position they were hiring for.


In the study, recruiters found professionally written resumes were about 40% more readable than resumes written by job applicants themselves.


Why Is That?

A professionally written resume is organized with a clear hierarchy that makes it much easier to read. Resumes written by job applicants often organize the information in their resumes differently, unwittingly making it much more difficult for a hiring manager to understand.


Professionally written resumes also pay attention to details such as searchability, keywords that match job requirements exactly, and writing your resume in the language recruiters understand.

Evaluate My Resume Now!

The Best Resume Evaluation You Can Get

When you submit your resume for a free evaluation, it’s reviewed by a certified resume professional who reviews the resumes written by other team members every day. Your resume gets the same quality assurance evaluation checkpoints we give the professional resumes written by our own team of experts.


Key Resume QA Checkpoints:

  • Spelling, grammar, typos
  • Personal information — Name, address, contact (phone, email)
  • Readability — is the resume easy to read?
  • Information Hierarchy — Is the information organized based on what recruiters want to see first?  
  • How you used your job skills to help your former employers improve or meet business goals
  • Matching of qualifications to keywords used in employer’s job requirements
  • Does the resume place the needs of the potential employer first?  


A resume that scores well in each of these areas is much more likely to get you an interview than one that is written with little thought to each of these details.

Evaluate My Resume Now!

Free Resume Evaluation | Vertical Media SolutionsWhat Do You Bring to the Table?

This is what hiring managers want to know: How you will use your skills to contribute to the company’s business goals that they care about most? Effusive superlatives and fluff won’t cut it. Instead, it will get you ruled out. They want concrete facts and figures: “As manager of Business Development, I increased our contracts by a total of 3%, with an increase of $8 million in revenue by the end of 2015.” That’s a whole lot more specific than, “I worked nights and weekends for two straight years bringing new business to the company.” Or, even worse, “I am a hard worker who always goes the extra mile.” Give them the facts, and they’ll be a lot more likely to hire you.


What We Bring

Vertical Media Solutions is managed by a successful executive search firm with extensive experience in finding qualified candidates to fill c-suite positions. We know the questions employers ask and how to effectively answer them. That knowledge and experience translates to actionable advice for your free resume evaluation, advice you can use to write a better resume.


The detailed knowledge we have accumulated from well over a decade in executive and professional resume services informs all that we do. However, it’s not something you can Google online or read about in a few blog posts. We can share feedback and even the steps you can take to improve your resume, but like the chef who prepares a perfect Peach Souffle, we cannot impart all the background knowledge that makes writing a resume look easy.


Employment Market Research

Employment market research is an ongoing effort that takes a lot of time. We monitor job search trends, shifts in the employment market, and changes to hiring practices. Our team works closely with our search firm to analyze the latest data so you won’t have to.


Each resume we write is backed by the most recent employment data. When we write your resume, you get a powerful marketing tool that presents your accomplishments and qualifications in the most powerful way possible.

What You Can Do to Improve Your Own Resume

When you submit your resume for a free review, you’ll talk with us to learn how your resume scored and what you can do to improve it. While we would love to write your resume for you, you are under no obligation to us. If you prefer to re-write it yourself, make note of the details we shared and use them to revise your resume.

Remember, a well-written resume gets read. The rest? Well, you already know where they go.  

A lot of work goes into writing a resume that gets the attention of employers. If you feel you lack the expertise and time to improve your resume, let us write it for you. You will be glad you did.  

Evaluate My Resume Now!