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Resume Writing Myths | Part 2: Use Online Resume Templates

Resume Writing Truth: Being a “jack of all trades” won’t get the job for you. Sure, it sounds great – maybe at the close of the Great Depression when people explored new industries in order to expand their horizons. I get it, okay? There’s nothing wrong with getting a dozen degrees and taking classes just because. I’m all for furthering education, learning all you can.

But in the case of finding a job – one job – you only need one resume with one goal. The position is your target.

I Liken It to a Sniper, or Robin Hood

Don’t you love those sharpshooters? The numbers game is finite here. It’s about one shot. One opportunity. If you miss it, you look for another opportunity. You don’t need a full clip, blazing away and hoping to turn your target into Swiss cheese. Aim your crosshairs, take a deep breath – and go for the bull’s eye.

That’s what makes a powerful resume and cover.

That Resume Writing Technique Wasn’t Always Smart, Though

Like I said, I get the idea of being a “jack of all trades.” Back then, competition was more compact. At most, an employer probably saw a dozen resumes. In many cases, the choice was possibly pretty obvious. A candidate could definitely afford to broaden their resumes to include the entire scope of their work history.

It was a simpler time back then. As corporate America grew, the industrial revolution exploded onto the scene. Then many decades later, the Internet made it possible for anyone to apply for a job clear across the country. The supply of candidates skyrocketed, making it that much more difficult for a hiring manager to sift through all the resumes and find the golden ticket.

Please understand – these hiring managers already have a challenging job to do. Their task is to read. It wasn’t too bad when it was just a dozen resumes. Try fifty. Possibly a hundred. That’s a lot of reading.

The Way a Resume Should Be in This Job Market

You’re the sharpshooter, and the resume is your weapon of choice. Use it to target a specific job. You might hear that it’s a disadvantage to you, having that targeted resume for a specific position, because it limits you. Don’t believe it.

If you’ve got a professional resume writer on your side, though, that guru can graft onto your resume the transferable skills that are applicable to multiple industries. Stick with what you know well. Target a certain position. Adapt your resume when necessary.

You’ll know that’s essential when you take a good look at the job market and notice that the landscape’s always changing. Change with it. Always, though, focus on your target, and you’re more likely to hit that bull’s eye in less time.

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