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Resume or Curriculum Vitae – Job Seekers Need to Know the Differences

Resume vs. CV – Which one is right for your profession?

While conducting a job search, you come across an open position that catches your eye. After reading through the description and qualifications, you decide that this is an employment opportunity you cannot pass up. You scroll through the posting, and find directions on how to apply. You discover that applicants are required to submit either a resume or curriculum vitae, aka CV. You are now left to determine which document is most suitable for the type of work you’re applying for. Where do you go from here?

Comparing and Contrasting

Knowing the difference between a resume and CV could make or break your chances of getting an interview. Therefore, it is essential that you turn in the correct document if you want to avoid losing out on a potential job opportunity.

For starters, we will begin with the most common tool used by job seekers: The resume. A resume is a document used to deliver a concise summary of your skills and qualifications that specifically pertain to a targeted profession or position. The main goal is to adequately present yourself in a way that engages the readers’ attention. You can achieve this by providing crisp, accomplishment driven content that relates to the job you are applying for. This is because employers from most fields expect to be able to analyze your qualifications in only a few pages.

In terms of what you should include, it is best job-seeking practice to insert your contact info, schools attended, degrees and certifications earned, core skill sets, and work experience. It is also acceptable to briefly list significant honors, awards, and affiliations. Considering that you have limited space to market yourself, it is imperative that you are strategic and purposeful about how you format your resume. And, a convenient aspect of this device is that you can continually mold its contents to fit within the requirements of each job you are applying for.

In contrast to resumes, CVs are used to thoroughly summarize both your work experience and academic accomplishments. Traditionally, the curriculum vitae is the document of choice when applying for any academically related field. For example, researchers, college professors, or scientists would, more than likely, be expected to submit a CV. This tool generally consists of degrees earned, courses taken, grades received, teaching positions and jobs held, research projects, and publications. Not only that, awards, honors, affiliations, grants written and received, personal and academic interests, and references are often part of this document. As opposed to a resume, those requesting that you submit a curriculum vitae expect to have to take the extra time to read through your credentials in a more thorough and detailed manner.

However, even though it is expected that a CV will be a greater length than a resume, you must ensure that you’ve crafted it in an engaging, professional way that serves to help you standout in the crowd. There is simply no specific format to follow. You should also be mindful of the fact that you will have to regularly update your document as you work on various projects and accomplish things in your career.

With so many elements to consider, it’s worth seeking the assistance of a professional who knows how to guide you through the process. Many dive in headfirst without paying attention to detail, and end up providing unnecessary information in an unprofessional manner. When it comes down to it, investing the time and energy into a tool that could potentially land you an interview for the job of your dreams is priceless. However, if you don’t have the time, or just need some extra help with creating what can be an anxiety- provoking document, do not hesitate to call West Michigan’s premier resume writing service, Vertical Media Solutions. Our  certified professional writers would happy to help you explore your options as you take the next step in your career.  For immediate answers to your questions call: 616-631-4300 or 517-308-0800.

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