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Resume Help In Lansing, MI: Choosing An Expert

Resume Help In Lansing, MI

Professional resume writing help in Lansing hasn’t always been easy to find. Knowing the difference between a clerical service and a certified resume writer is vital. The last thing you want to do is hire someone who doesn’t know the job market in Michigan.

How Do You Know?

If you’re like most people, your resume and cover letter aren’t things you think about very often. In fact, the average candidate doesn’t realize the need to have an updated employment profile until it’s probably too late. However, a savvy person will always have a well-written resume prepared for the perfect job opportunity, even if they are currently employed.

Reasons To Choose A Certified Resume Expert

1. Vertical Media Solutions possess current knowledge of your local employment trends. Chances are you’ve updated your resume every few years. Our firm will have written 5- 10 resumes this week, and we’re constantly studying resume examples.
2. Our certified professional resume writers work with you to develop strategically focused content. This includes an analysis of targeted job title, salary requirements, and geographic preferences.
3. Your telephone consultation is designed to draw out your most relevant accomplishments. We are skilled at analyzing your employment background to help you identify your strengths and counter your weaknesses. Our ability to remain objective allows us to focus on the most powerful presentation of your qualifications.
4. Our resume writers demonstrate expert knowledge of the English language, grammar and punctuation. We are careful to craft content that communicates your achievements rather than simply writing your duties.
5. Our experience as a recruiting firm allows us to guide you through the employment process. A clerical service will have little to no experience preparing you for an interview or assisting you with salary negotiations.

Our Strategy. Your Goals. Your Success.

In this employment market, it’s not as much about what you have on your resume; it’s about how you present it. Competition is huge. Job opportunities are practically popping up daily. So even if you have the experience and qualifications, you need an expert to ensure that all of that is communicated effectively on that piece of paper.

Look no further for resume help in Lansing. Vertical Media Solutions is Michigan’s top-rated professional resume writing service. Our certified experts are here to help, so give us a call today: 517-308-0800.

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