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Resume Help Grand Rapids: The Key To A Job Interview

Resume Help Grand Rapids

How often have you found a great job in Grand Rapids, clicked the giant ‘apply now’ button, and then waited weeks for an answer? It has happened to all of us – the wait can seem endless. More often than ever, candidates find themselves sending out countless resumes with little or no constructive feedback. Due to the economic climate in Michigan, and other states around the country, employers have created a filtering system.

The Resume Screener

Have you ever heard of the ‘gate keeper’? Many years ago your resume and cover letter had a much better chance of being reviewed by the hiring manager. This is because when a job is posted online, the company is inundated with unqualified candidates, and someone needs to sift through them. Unfortunately, more often than not, this job falls on the human resource department.

A common misconception is that HR plays a major part in the decision making process. Typically speaking, they are analyzing candidacy based upon a generic job description. The trouble with this is that sometimes the person reviewing your credentials doesn’t know what you do day-to-day. Consequently it’s very important that your resume and cover letter focuses on the core technical needs of the open position and highlights your qualifications in a comprehensive way.

Technical Resume Review With The Hiring Manager

A well-written resume will speak to the qualified decision maker who understands what he or she needs technically out of a candidate. The first order of business will be to analyze your accomplishments. What have you done to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, standardize processes or drive sales? The concept is to present your qualifications in the most professional manner possible.

And remember: the resume, cover letter, and Linkedin should be used as tools, to encourage an interview. Do not expect a job offer as a result of your resume alone. The employment process involves several stages. It’s not always the most qualified candidate that’s chosen for the job; it’s the most prepared.

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