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Resume Examples: Start With The Basics

Resume Examples

Thousands of people search the internet every day for resume examples. Just sorting through the articles and advice can seem overwhelming. Another factor is relevancy, specifically when the article was written and by whom. So finding the best resume template for your unique job history will take some time.

Which Are Best?

The most common resume outlines are chronological and functional. Knowing the differences and choosing the correct option is where you’d start.

Typically if you’ve been at a job for a considerable length of time, a ‘chronological’ resume is the strongest way to go. A functional resume, however, highlights accomplishments for the purpose of downplaying movement throughout your professional history.

How Do You Start?

Next, you’ll want to structure you resume, starting with your header. This includes your name and accurate contact information.

You then want to focus on the professional profile. This particular area is a modern replacement for the old objective section. Employers no longer want you to introduce yourself by explaining what you want from them. Rather, it is wise to write a paragraph of details that presents your qualification, and highlights your strengths.

After you’ve crafted a powerful professional profile, you’ll want to design a skill summary section. Many resume examples choose to skip this particular section, and we advise that you don’t. We are living in a time where a human isn’t always the first to review the text on your resume. We cater this toward the applicant tracking systems that will scan your documents for keywords and phrases. Generally speaking, you want to include your industry’s terminology, acronyms, and other verifiable skills.

Now you’ll start to dive into your professional experience. Depending on whether you went chronological or functional, you’ll start adding where you worked and when. Once you’ve created the framework, you’ll start to write up strong bulleted content. Many candidates have trouble understanding what employers need to see on a resume, and this is why a professional resume writer can be invaluable.

The last step is to organize your education, certifications, and affiliations. If your grade point average isn’t above 3.5, do not include those particular details.

What Is the End Result?

Making sure that your resume is powerful, focused, and aesthetically pleasing is absolutely crucial. Many resume examples exist online; however, it can be difficult to ascertain whether what you see is right for your individual needs.

Vertical Media Solutions goes far beyond resume examples to develop a personalized resume that gets results. If you are having difficulty sifting through the countless online resume templates, contact our experts for a no-obligation resume review. We are a Michigan-based business, so give us a call today: 616-631-4300 or 517-308-0800.

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