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Recent College Grads Get Valuable Career Insight from New Resume Guide

Resume Experts Vertical Media Solutions Doles Out Insider Knowledge on Crafting the Perfect Resume

Grand Rapids, MI- One the nation’s leading resume writing companies is announcing the release of a new guide aimed at helping recent college grads get off on the right foot after graduation. Vertical Media Solutions (VMS) has published a valuable resource that walks new college grads through the process of creating their first resume. Best of all, the guide is written with new grads in mind, so it gets right to the point with only the information they need.

The guide focuses on topics and issues specific to those just entering the workforce. For example, many college grads struggle with creating a well-defined resume when they don’t have any “real life” experience. VMS instructs readers on how to shift their thinking about inconsequential jobs. It shows them how to focus on the skills learned rather than the job description or specific tasks involved. Extracurricular activities can also provide extremely useful job skills as long as grads can easily explain how those skills relate to the job they are applying for. Even so-called failures have a place on a resume, because they provide experience and business skills that other applicants may not have.

Additionally, the guide explains how to leverage industry buzz words to create a resume that will get call backs. This topic is often neglected in career counseling centers. Thus, grads are left to figure it out on their own after resumes fail to grab an employer’s attention.

Vertical Media Solutions also emphasizes that grads should set career goals and not limit themselves by the title on their degree. Most degrees provide essential skills that are easily transferable to other industries. However, resume writers must understand the proper way to relate these skills so future employers don’t have to figure it out for themselves.

Another added benefit for those just entering the job market is that Vertical Media Solutions is providing a free analysis of resumes as well as 20 percent off any of their services. Simply mention the code GRAD15.

About Vertical Media Solutions

Vertical Media Solutions,, is a specialized writing firm that takes pride in delivering personalized resumes, CV’s, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles. Their consultative approach encourages an anxiety-free experience while producing the results clients desire.

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