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Providing Support to Displaced Workers During Career Transitions, Vertical Media Solutions’ Corporate Outplacement Services Assist the Employer and Employee

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Aug. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The U.S. economy is continuing to rebound from historic levels of employment losses experienced during the Great Recession. However, many displaced workers have struggled to re-enter the workforce, which has had a sluggish effect on businesses and the economy as a whole. In fact, according to the L.A. Times, during the last five years, approximately one-fifth of the population was laid off or terminated from their job. Even more concerning was that as of September 2014, 22 percent of those who were laid off were still unemployed. To assist workers in getting back on their feet and to alleviate the business resources required in helping displaced workers, Vertical Media Solutions is now offering nationwide corporate outplacement services. The company’s industry veterans have extensive experience in recruiting, career coaching and resume preparation, giving them a thorough understanding of both employer and employee challenges with regards to displacement.

“Most responsible companies want to help their displaced workers find new employment,” says Joel Marotti, senior managing partner of Vertical Media Solutions. “However, there is a tremendous amount of time and effort required by human resources and other departments to make that happen. Our outplacement services take the burden off of the company while still providing employment search assistance for the employee.”

Vertical Media Solutions takes the same highly individualized approach with their corporate outplacement services as they do with their one-on-one clients. Service options are matched with employer needs to ensure that both the employer and the displaced employee receive personalized assistance. In addition, Vertical Media Solutions’ goal isn’t just to facilitate the job search for displaced workers but also to help find them fulfilling jobs that fit into their overall career objectives. To achieve this, displaced workers receive a variety of assistance including the thorough review or creation of resumes and cover letters, interview preparation, professional LinkedIn profile development and customized coaching that is aimed at helping them attain their ultimate career targets. This consultative approach reduces the anxiety often associated with a layoff or termination and propels workers and businesses on to higher levels of achievement.

Outplacement services provide more benefits for businesses than they may realize. In addition to relieving the day-to-day work burden of assisting terminated employees, businesses enhance their reputation both within their local community and with their remaining employees. Additionally, corporate outplacement packages are highly customizable with flexible pricing options. With packages to accommodate every size business and budget, the corporate outplacement services offered by Vertical Media Solutions allows businesses around the country to maintain cost-efficient staffing levels while still ensuring that even displaced workers are taken care of.

Media Contact:
Joel Marotti
Senior Managing Partner
Vertical Media Solutions

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