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Professional Resume: Grand Rapids and Lansing Jobs Will Require It

Professional Resume

The differences between a professional resume and one that you write yourself will amount to much more than you may realize. Sure, you may know your background better than anyone else, but do you know what employers are looking for in today’s market? Most candidates consider a resume as a necessary evil and many more an afterthought. Your resume and cover letter will determine your continued candidacy for the job of your dreams.

Choosing a Resume Outline

One of the first things to consider when you structure your resume is the layout. If your employment background has been stable, you’ll want to opt for the traditional chronological style. However, if you’ve had some movement, whether it’s been your fault or not, you’ll want to build on a functional look.

Next, you’ll want to sit down and write out your most exciting accomplishments, that relate to your work history. These could be things like standardizing processes, fostering efficiency, or anything you’ve done to create a time savings. To your potential employer, these are things that show you take the initiative to do more than just punch the time clock.

After you’ve sifted through your most exciting accomplishments and picked out the best, its time to start writing. The hiring manager will not want to have to read through the lines. Clearly outline the value you present as a candidate. Do not worry about the length of your resume as it has become common to have several pages of well-written content. Instead, focus on what you’d expect from your employees if you were in a position to hire someone.

The Importance of a Focused Resume When Seeking a New Job

The hiring manager doesn’t get to meet you right away, so how you present yourself on paper is important. A professionally written resume not only helps you outline your qualifications but also shows the hiring manager that you are a step above the rest. Time management plays a big factor in the employment process. The less time spent trying to analyze a candidate’s actual experience, the more likely you’ll secure an invitation to interview.

Do yourself a favor: invest the time to produce a powerful representation of your experience. Your advantage begins with a professional resume.

If you are struggling to develop a strong resume that highlights your qualifications, we can help. Vertical Media Solutions has the insight to strategically guide you through the employment process. Engage our certified professional resume writers today: 616-631-4300 or 517-308-0800.

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