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How to Evaluate Job Search Trends in 2015

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The ways job candidates search for jobs and employers hire are changing faster than ever. Long gone are the days of reading a job ad in the newspaper and mailing in a paper application. Today’s employers and job candidates are connecting on social networks, sometimes even before a job is posted. Job seekers who want to remain relevant in today’s job market must adapt to these trends. Here is how to evaluate job search trends in 2015 and make sure that you take full advantage of them.


Candidate referrals have long been one of the main ways that employers fill open positions. However, in 2015, that trend will accelerate as recruiters and employers both seek to fill positions quickly and efficiently. In fact, in a Jobvite 2014 Social Recruiting Survey, recruiters indicated that 60% of their best job candidates were found through referrals. This makes networking even more critical for job seekers. Don’t stop at building a wide network. Make sure your network knows what type of job you are looking for and that you would appreciate any referrals.

Employment Referrals | Vertical Media Solutions

Social Recruiting

Social presence for job seekers will play an even more crucial role in the upcoming year. And it isn’t just LinkedIn employers and recruiters are looking at. They are also on Facebook and Twitter. In the same Jobvite survey, 73% of recruiters stated they had hired a candidate through social media. 93% say they review a candidate’s social profile before making a decision on whether to pass them along to an employer. Finally, 73% have also initiated contact with a future hire through social networking and mobile devices.

Mobile Recruiting Increases

Smartphones and mobile devices are quickly becoming major players in the job search. Employers are using mobile devices to post job ads and interact with candidates via social media. Similarly, job seekers are able to search for jobs on the go and instantly apply to jobs via their phones the second they find one they like. Recruiters are also in on the mobile action, finding it easier than ever to forward resumes to companies and colleagues with the click of a button. Job seekers must have mobile-friendly resumes and covers letters that are short, concise and display well on the smaller screens.

Mobile Recruiting Increases | Vertical Media Solution

Most In-Demand Jobs

Although all hiring is predicted to rise in 2015, some industries will see far more openings than others. The fields that are most promising for job seekers are in sales, marketing and STEM jobs. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math. The need for qualified candidates in these areas is so great that many STEM-related companies and organizations are looking oversees to fill positions due to a lack of U.S. candidates.

Video Resumes

The proliferation of YouTube videos and Skype means that people are no longer afraid to “go on camera”. In fact, savvy job seekers have been creating videos of themselves for years in an attempt to impress employers. These short video resumes are, in fact, increasing in popularity. Many candidates actually now attach them directly to their LinkedIn profile so that employers can view them. They are also easy to distribute in today’s highly mobile world and allow an employer to get a more personalized glimpse into who you are as a candidate.

How to Evaluate Job Search Trends in 2015 | Vertical Media Solutions

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