The Fast Track!

Vertical Media Solutions is proud to present our new Fast Track resume services, a convenient alternative to our full-service Career Advancement Suite offerings for those who are ready to grab their job search by the horns and move it in the right direction right away.

VMS Fast Track resume services rely heavily on new technologies to deliver our services faster than ever before. We found that some people prefer to fill out a questionnaire instead of spending a lot of time on the phone. To save you time, we designed a questionnaire that asks the same detailed questions you would expect in our phone interview process.

Each VMS Fast Track product is handcrafted, backed by the latest employment data. Certified human resume writers stay up to date on the latest job search trends and hiring practices to create personalized Fast Track products that will relate your skills and experience to the positions you are applying for.

We invite you to look at our VMS Fast Track services to find the one that’s right for you.

Career Advancement Services| Vertical Media SolutionsNeed a Full-Service Solution After All?

You looked at all the Fast Track has to offer and decided that you need a little more. You need to ensure that every important detail of your career is covered, even the ones you may have forgotten. Our Career Advancement Services are a perfect match for your needs. We provide the same top-quality services offered by our Fast Track services, plus a comprehensive phone interview that asks questions about details you may not think of otherwise. Our highly trained staff know the right questions to ask and why those questions are important.

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