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VMS Fast Track Interview Coaching

VMS Fast Track Interview Coaching


Vertical Media Solutions provides interview coaching that strategically prepares you for your next interview. We help you navigate tough behavioral interview questions and teach you how to engage the interviewer with the right technical questions.

Included in this service:

  • One hour top-quality interview coaching
  • Learn how to handle salary and benefit questions
  • Develop strong technical questions to engage the interviewer
  • Learn how to outline and communicate your strongest accomplishments

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Let’s face it — virtually everyone dislikes job interviews. We feel unsure of ourselves and anxious. We worry if our qualifications are strong enough to land us the job. The hiring manager looks like she’s in a bad mood (the truth is, she hates interviewing; it stresses her out, too).

The career advisors at Vertical Media Solutions understand how tough job interviews are. We learned a long time ago that job seekers get just as stressed during coaching as they do in an actual interview. That’s why we do not offer interview rehearsals. Instead, we offer something of much greater value.

Strategic Interview Coaching

Phone-based coaching allows us to work with people all over the country. No matter where you live, we help you build confidence through the development of interview skills. We base our approach on what actually takes place during job interviews. Our career advisors interview and hire people for actual jobs. They understand the challenges job seekers face when they take part in job interviews.

Other benefits of this service:

  • Get actionable feedback and guidance
  • Build a framework for a strong interview strategy you can use for every interview
  • Learn how to tactfully navigate questions about salary and benefits
  • Analyze the job and if it’s a good technical fit
  • Learn how to determine if you’re a good cultural fit
  • Develop skill responding to behavioral questions

Our interview coaching is available for online purchase. Click or tap the Add to Cart button and invest in the development of the skills you need to interview like the professional you are.

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  • VMS Fast Track Starter Resume Package

    Our team of certified resume writers will help prepare you for the next step in your career with a custom resume package. We will work to ensure you can confidently enter the job market with a reusable cover letter and an optimized LinkedIn profile.

    The VMS Fast Track Starter package includes:

    • Personalized Resume
    • Professionally written Cover Letter
    • Searchable LinkedIn Profile
    • Lifetime access at no extra charge
    • Backed by the latest job market research

    5 in stock (can be backordered)

    Entry-level job seekers with little or no employment history can find the job search to be easily frustrating. Employers want job experience but won’t give you chance. At Vertical Media Solutions, we get that. We focus on highlighting the experience you already have. The questionnaire you will be filling out is designed to help us discover the relevant experiences to highlight on your resume.

    Employers aren’t against hiring people with little or no work history; they’re just reluctant to hire someone they know very little about. Our certified resume writers know exactly what hiring managers are looking for in a future employee:

    • How your internships/externships are relatable
    • Extra-curricular projects that support your qualifications
    • The willingness to learn new skills and bring in a fresh perspective
    • Capability to meet and exceed the goals of the job being offered

    We write resumes for high school graduates with no job experience and stay-at-home mothers entering the workforce for the first time. The point is, even if you think you have no experience that can help you get a job, we’ll help you discover relevant experience through our questionnaire.

    The Entry Level Job Questionnaire

    To write you a resume, we need a little help. When you purchase the VMS Entry Level Resume product, you will need to fill out our questionnaire. Answer each question as accurately as possible with as much detail as you can remember. The more details you share, the better your final resume will be.

    We are experts at writing resumes, but we’re not wizards. When you order our virtual resume service, we take you at your word. If you provide inaccurate information and half-heartedly answer the questions, your resume will reflect that. If you tell us you worked at a location for 3 years, but only worked there for 6 months, we’re not going to know that. Potential employers, however, may be able to find out that your work history isn’t what it seems. To get the most out of your resume, be honest with us and go to job interviews with the confidence that can only come from a resume that accurately reflects your actual work experience and skills.

    Accurate work history is important, and so are your job skills. An assembly line supervisor is a lot different than an assembly line technician that installs windshields all day. Keep it real so we can write you a resume that compels hiring managers to interview you. Hiring managers are smart and are experts at detecting when something is off in your resume.

    Spare Yourself Resume Writing Headaches

    If you have tried writing your own resume, you know how difficult it is. Why put yourself through the migraine-inducing trouble when you can have one of our certified resume writers do it? Each resume we write is backed by the latest data on job trends, job search, and hiring practices. This means that you have a resume that is relevant, up-to-date, and impactful.

    What are you waiting for? Take the next step in your career and order your professionally written resume today!

  • VMS Fast Track Professional Resume Package

    This package is for job seekers who have been working for at least three years with strong skills and qualifications. Our convenient questionnaire helps us to learn all the details of your qualifications so we can create powerful employment documents.

    The VMS Fast Track Professional Resume Package includes:

    • Professionally written Resume
    • Cover Letter relates your qualifications to multiple jobs in your field
    • Formatted and optimized LinkedIn Profile
    • Highlights of accomplishments and awards
    • Consistent, professional formatting of all three documents
    • Lifetime access to your resume and cover letter

    4 in stock

    Job seekers who have at least three years of experience face some unique challenges. They’re not career veterans just yet, but they often compete with them for the same jobs. The certified resume writers at Vertical Media Solutions understand this. We are experts at distilling your valuable skills and experience into a resume that can go head-to-head with those career veterans. You are proficient with the fundamentals of the work you do and use your skills to create innovative solutions. We highlight those skills and your creativity with them to give you a competitive advantage over other job seekers.

    Before we can highlight your skills, we have to learn what they are. That’s where we need a little help from you.


    The Professional Questionnaire

    Our questionnaire is designed to learn as much as we can about you without having to find time in your busy day for a phone consultation. We want to bring forward your most powerful accomplishments, but we need to understand the steps you took to achieve them. Take the time to share your career with us by answering the questions in as much detail as possible, providing us with a great deal of context.

    We want you to share as much detail as you can, so we can create the best resume package you can get for your skills and background. You may fill out as much as you like, save it, then come back later until it’s complete. We don’t mind if you take a few days to complete the questionnaire; just remember that the longer it takes for you to fill out your questionnaire, the longer it will be before your crisp new resume is ready to help you land your next job interview.

    An Inconvenient Truth

    Have you ever wondered how good Ernest Hemingway would be at writing his own resume? Probably not very good. In fact, most people write horrible resumes. You probably do too, and that’s OK. That’s why we’re here. Writing a resume that gets the hiring manager’s attention takes a special set of skills and an unhealthy appetite for the latest information about employment trends. We do the obsessive research so you don’t have to. Our certified resume writers take that data, along with the information you share, and transform it into a compelling resume package that hiring managers will want to read.

  • VMS Fast Track Executive Resume Package

    The Executive Package is for long-term career professionals and executives who have advanced skills and qualifications. Each part of your resume package is written to communicate your value to potential employers.

    Included in this package:

    • Resume that details your extensive career experience and skills
    • Cover letter that conveys the value of your qualifications to potential employers
    • Professional, detailed LinkedIn profile optimized for search
    • Data-driven analysis of your entire career
    • Backed by research in employment market trends
    • Consistent, polished presentation across all documents

    5 in stock

    The Executive Package is for long-term career professionals and executives. Each part of your resume package plays a critical role in helping you get an interview. To succeed, you need a resume package that presents a polished, professional image that accurately represents your career experience and accomplishments. Our certified resume experts are pros at creating the best executive resume package you can get for your experience and background.


    Your resume is a strategic document that outlines your marketable skills and qualifications.

    When we write your resume, it is written from scratch, based on your unique career experience and skills. We back each resume with the latest employment trend data so your resume is optimized to stand out from the rest.

    Before we begin work, we carefully review your professional history to determine if a niche-oriented approach is best or if a different approach might be more effective.

    When we write your resume, we pay close attention to its format and wording to present a polished representation of all your qualifications.

    Cover Letter

    Cover letters are the means by which your qualifications are related to the position you seek. Your cover letter has a single goal: to get your resume read. When we write your cover letter, you won’t find anything about your favorite food, or that you play cello in a chamber quartet. Hiring managers want to know your value proposition. They want to know what you’ll bring to the table. Our certified resume writers present your highest achievements and accomplishments in a way that conveys the value of the contributions you made to previous employers and how your efforts helped each organization grow.


    Your LinkedIn profile is a powerful representation of your professional image. Our certified resume writers know how important it is to get your LinkedIn profile right. When we format your profile, we make sure it presents a uniform professional image of you. When you submit a resume, you can bet that the hiring manager will look you up on LinkedIn and compare what your profile says with your resume. A single discrepancy between the two can be enough for a hiring manager to drop your resume and move onto the next one. Our resume experts know this and take great care to ensure that each part of your resume package presents a uniform professional image of your skills and experience.