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VMS Fast Track Starter Resume Package

VMS Fast Track Starter Resume Package


Our team of certified resume writers will help prepare you for the next step in your career with a custom resume package. We will work to ensure you can confidently enter the job market with a reusable cover letter and an optimized LinkedIn profile.

The VMS Fast Track Starter package includes:

  • Personalized Resume
  • Professionally written Cover Letter
  • Searchable LinkedIn Profile
  • Lifetime access at no extra charge
  • Backed by the latest job market research

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Entry-level job seekers with little or no employment history can find the job search to be easily frustrating. Employers want job experience but won’t give you chance. At Vertical Media Solutions, we get that. We focus on highlighting the experience you already have. The questionnaire you will be filling out is designed to help us discover the relevant experiences to highlight on your resume.

Employers aren’t against hiring people with little or no work history; they’re just reluctant to hire someone they know very little about. Our certified resume writers know exactly what hiring managers are looking for in a future employee:

  • How your internships/externships are relatable
  • Extra-curricular projects that support your qualifications
  • The willingness to learn new skills and bring in a fresh perspective
  • Capability to meet and exceed the goals of the job being offered

We write resumes for high school graduates with no job experience and stay-at-home mothers entering the workforce for the first time. The point is, even if you think you have no experience that can help you get a job, we’ll help you discover relevant experience through our questionnaire.

The Entry Level Job Questionnaire

To write you a resume, we need a little help. When you purchase the VMS Entry Level Resume product, you will need to fill out our questionnaire. Answer each question as accurately as possible with as much detail as you can remember. The more details you share, the better your final resume will be.

We are experts at writing resumes, but we’re not wizards. When you order our virtual resume service, we take you at your word. If you provide inaccurate information and half-heartedly answer the questions, your resume will reflect that. If you tell us you worked at a location for 3 years, but only worked there for 6 months, we’re not going to know that. Potential employers, however, may be able to find out that your work history isn’t what it seems. To get the most out of your resume, be honest with us and go to job interviews with the confidence that can only come from a resume that accurately reflects your actual work experience and skills.

Accurate work history is important, and so are your job skills. An assembly line supervisor is a lot different than an assembly line technician that installs windshields all day. Keep it real so we can write you a resume that compels hiring managers to interview you. Hiring managers are smart and are experts at detecting when something is off in your resume.

Spare Yourself Resume Writing Headaches

If you have tried writing your own resume, you know how difficult it is. Why put yourself through the migraine-inducing trouble when you can have one of our certified resume writers do it? Each resume we write is backed by the latest data on job trends, job search, and hiring practices. This means that you have a resume that is relevant, up-to-date, and impactful.

What are you waiting for? Take the next step in your career and order your professionally written resume today!