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Resume Writing Resolutions for Job Seekers in 2015

Job seekers are often revitalized in their efforts when the calendar flips over into a new year. Companies have new hiring budgets, departments are expanding and hiring picks up after the holiday slump. That means that it’s time for job seekers to take a fresh look at their resumes and spruce them up. In fact, if you didn’t include a resume update in your New Year’s resolutions, it’s time to add one now. Here are the top resume writing resolutions for job seekers in 2015 that you need to implement.

Focus on the Job That You Want, Not the Ones You’ve Had

The new year is a good time to reevaluate your job goals, which may impact how your resume is written. Think back over your interviews and networking experience over the past year to decide if you’re still interested in pursuing the same types of jobs. Maybe you became interested in a new career field or learned about a job that you previously didn’t know existed. If this is the case, rewrite your resume so that it is slanted toward getting the job you want, not just describing the ones you’ve had in the past.

Focus on the Job that You Want, Not the Ones You’ve Had

Update Previous Jobs and Employers

The new year often brings company mergers, name changes and bankruptcies. For job seekers this means that it’s a good idea to review your previous employers to see if they still exist. If they no longer exist, make a notation next to the entry stating: “company no longer in business.” If a previous employer has changed names or merged with another company, enter the new company name in parenthesis next to the old name.

Spruce Up the Layout

Another area to work on is the layout of your resume. This doesn’t mean you should spend hours using a graphic design program or insert fancy line breaks and fonts. Instead, focus on the readability and scanning of your resume. Most employers and recruiters spend around 30 seconds looking at a resume. With that limited time period, you don’t want their eyes being drawn to irrelevant items. Use plenty of white space and bullets so that readers’ eyes are drawn right to the spots where your most valuable skills are highlighted.

Make Your Resume Mobile | Vertical Media Solutions

Make it Mobile

Mobile recruiting has been gaining steam for several years, and in 2014 it exploded. Both job seekers and employers are connecting more and more on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. That means that job seekers need to have resumes displaying accurately in a mobile format. Most standard resumes don’t display correctly on mobile devices, because they simply appear small. This requires the reader to scroll left, right and zoom in and out. Instead, create a separate mobile version and store it on your mobile device or on a cloud-based storage site like Dropbox. This keeps it easily accessible and ready to send off the moment you hear about a job opening.

Resume Writing Resolutions for Job Seekers in 2015

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