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  • VMS Fast Track Executive Resume Package

    The Executive Package is for long-term career professionals and executives who have advanced skills and qualifications. Each part of your resume package is written to communicate your value to potential employers.

    Included in this package:

    • Resume that details your extensive career experience and skills
    • Cover letter that conveys the value of your qualifications to potential employers
    • Professional, detailed LinkedIn profile optimized for search
    • Data-driven analysis of your entire career
    • Backed by research in employment market trends
    • Consistent, polished presentation across all documents

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    The Executive Package is for long-term career professionals and executives. Each part of your resume package plays a critical role in helping you get an interview. To succeed, you need a resume package that presents a polished, professional image that accurately represents your career experience and accomplishments. Our certified resume experts are pros at creating the best executive resume package you can get for your experience and background.


    Your resume is a strategic document that outlines your marketable skills and qualifications.

    When we write your resume, it is written from scratch, based on your unique career experience and skills. We back each resume with the latest employment trend data so your resume is optimized to stand out from the rest.

    Before we begin work, we carefully review your professional history to determine if a niche-oriented approach is best or if a different approach might be more effective.

    When we write your resume, we pay close attention to its format and wording to present a polished representation of all your qualifications.

    Cover Letter

    Cover letters are the means by which your qualifications are related to the position you seek. Your cover letter has a single goal: to get your resume read. When we write your cover letter, you won’t find anything about your favorite food, or that you play cello in a chamber quartet. Hiring managers want to know your value proposition. They want to know what you’ll bring to the table. Our certified resume writers present your highest achievements and accomplishments in a way that conveys the value of the contributions you made to previous employers and how your efforts helped each organization grow.


    Your LinkedIn profile is a powerful representation of your professional image. Our certified resume writers know how important it is to get your LinkedIn profile right. When we format your profile, we make sure it presents a uniform professional image of you. When you submit a resume, you can bet that the hiring manager will look you up on LinkedIn and compare what your profile says with your resume. A single discrepancy between the two can be enough for a hiring manager to drop your resume and move onto the next one. Our resume experts know this and take great care to ensure that each part of your resume package presents a uniform professional image of your skills and experience.