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Professional Interview Coaching

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  • VMS Fast Track Interview Coaching

    Vertical Media Solutions provides interview coaching that strategically prepares you for your next interview. We help you navigate tough behavioral interview questions and teach you how to engage the interviewer with the right technical questions.

    Included in this service:

    • One hour top-quality interview coaching
    • Learn how to handle salary and benefit questions
    • Develop strong technical questions to engage the interviewer
    • Learn how to outline and communicate your strongest accomplishments

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    Let’s face it — virtually everyone dislikes job interviews. We feel unsure of ourselves and anxious. We worry if our qualifications are strong enough to land us the job. The hiring manager looks like she’s in a bad mood (the truth is, she hates interviewing; it stresses her out, too).

    The career advisors at Vertical Media Solutions understand how tough job interviews are. We learned a long time ago that job seekers get just as stressed during coaching as they do in an actual interview. That’s why we do not offer interview rehearsals. Instead, we offer something of much greater value.

    Strategic Interview Coaching

    Phone-based coaching allows us to work with people all over the country. No matter where you live, we help you build confidence through the development of interview skills. We base our approach on what actually takes place during job interviews. Our career advisors interview and hire people for actual jobs. They understand the challenges job seekers face when they take part in job interviews.

    Other benefits of this service:

    • Get actionable feedback and guidance
    • Build a framework for a strong interview strategy you can use for every interview
    • Learn how to tactfully navigate questions about salary and benefits
    • Analyze the job and if it’s a good technical fit
    • Learn how to determine if you’re a good cultural fit
    • Develop skill responding to behavioral questions

    Our interview coaching is available for online purchase. Click or tap the Add to Cart button and invest in the development of the skills you need to interview like the professional you are.