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Outplacement Packages Improve Employee Retention and Productivity

Improves Retention and Productivity of Remaining Staff

Layoffs, workforce reductions and other types of employee terminations typically have a negative effect on the morale of the remaining workers. However, if the termination process is handled properly, the remaining employees should not suffer any change in morale. In some cases, it’s even possible to enhance their motivation and dedication to the company. Offering displaced workers access to corporate outplacement services is one way to achieve these workforce gains. These services show that the company does care about its employees, even those who are no longer working for them. They also help to solidify a family-type environment in which everyone is taken care of despite economic conditions.

Outplacement Services Increase Employee Engagement

Some employers question how outplacement services could possibly have any effect on the remaining workforce. Yet, studies clearly show that employee engagement is higher at companies that utilize formal outplacement services. One recent study showed that 48 percent of businesses that utilized outplacement services had 60 percent of the remaining workforce respond that they were highly engaged on engagement surveys. This is compared to 33 percent of companies that did not utilize formal outplacement programs. While widespread terminations inevitably decrease engagement and productivity of the remaining workforce, this doesn’t have to be long-term. Re-engaging the remaining workforce can be achieved in many ways. One of these is by acknowledging that the company utilized outplacement services for the displaced workers. This puts employees’ minds at ease that the company doesn’t simply mindlessly terminate staff without providing the proper support mechanisms to assist them with moving forward in their careers.

Career Coaching for Remaining Employees

When layoffs occur, they often leave unintentional or unavoidable gaps in the workforce. Some displaced positions can be eliminated, while others must be filled immediately. Corporate outplacement services can provide additional benefits to existing employees right in your own organization. By providing employees with internal career coaching services, you are solidifying that their place at your company is important. Career coaching simply assists employees with identifying their career goals and helps them formulate a game plan for achieving those goals. Career goals may be to climb vertically within the organization or to make a lateral move into a more suitable position. By providing this type of service to the remaining workforce, businesses can revitalize the remaining workers and inspire them to achieve high levels of productivity that contribute to the organization’s future success.

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Outplacement Packages Improve Employee Retention and Productivity August 5, 2015