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Hiring a Corporate Outplacement Service Improves Efficiency

Time Savings

Many responsible businesses attempt to support former employees when they are displaced through layoffs or other terminations. In many cases, it’s the HR department that takes on the task of maintaining contact with the employee, explaining any severance benefits, handing recommendations and even assisting former workers with their career search. While this approach is admirable, it takes up valuable time that experienced HR staff could be using to advance other important company directives. That is why hiring a corporate outsourcing company makes sense. The outplacement service takes over the process of assisting former workers in their career search, which frees up HR staff to continue moving forward on company objectives.

Time Savings For HR

While ongoing contact with displaced workers is not frequent due to the fear of lawsuits, many companies do field calls for these individuals and even provide job leads. This type of do-it-yourself recruitment work is typically performed by HR. Though it can help to pacify former employees, it is very time consuming. This adds another task to their day which they are unaccustomed to performing. In addition, HR staff should not be tasked with acting like recruiters to locate jobs for former staff members. Hiring a corporate outplacement service to handle job search questions from these former employees offloads this extra workload from the human resources department. Ideally, a business will have arranged for outplacement services prior to the start of employee terminations. This allows the outplacement service time to formulate a proper plan to engage employees immediately at the time of termination and prevents a gap in service for the company and the displaced worker.

Time Savings for Displaced Workers

In addition to saving time for the business that conducted the termination, utilizing a qualified outplacement service also saves time for the terminated employee. Many employees are caught off guard when they are let go from a job and are unprepared to jump back into the job search game. This is especially true for long-time employees who many not have updated a resume in ten years or more. Many of these individuals will flounder in their job searches due to lack of understanding of current job search trends and formalities. However, if the terminating company provides these former employees with access to outplacement services, it immediately saves time and frustration in bring their resumes and cover letters back up to par. These services can also provide interview preparation and even career coaching among other services. All of this provides the job seeker with a complete job search portfolio in a fast and efficient manner.

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Hiring a Corporate Outplacement Service Improves Efficiency August 5, 2015