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Job Seeking Candidates in Kalamazoo, MI, Take Charge of Their Employment Search


Champion the New Year With a Good Resume

Since we’re headed into a new year, and jobs are now a priority, you can bet that a professionally crafted cover letter and resume would be a prudent decision.  Why?



Because Jobs Are Widely Available in Kalamazoo

Check out post-its everywhere at Kalamazoo Community College.  Or how about Western Michigan University job boards – opportunities require up-and-coming talent.  So if you’re finding yourself on the cusp of finishing a degree at Spring Arbor University or Davenport University, and want to land an interview for a job that matches your high-quality skills, know this:

davenport University LogoYou Need a Quality Cover Letter and Resume From Vertical Media Solutions

The job market practically calls for it.  Name any company out there that wouldn’t ask for a cover letter and resume.  Look at any job posting. You will find that they require your current employment documents.  So you can imagine the stack of cover letters and resumes that pile up on a hiring manager’s desk.  Time management is key, so picture the task of having to filter through weak resumes, to determine which candidates are truly the best technical fit.  This is a critical stage where your resume and cover letter will get tossed in the garbage, or into the hands of your potential boss.  You want to be on the top of that list!  Have a professional craft a personalized cover letter and resume in Kalamazoo, Michigan, exemplifying not just your job duties, but also your accomplishments.  No objectives, only a professional profile, showing that you’re not just “experienced,” but exceptional at what you do.

Spring Arbor University

Develop A Strategy and Secure A Competitive Edge

So there’s going to be competition.  Play to win in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Take charge of your employment destiny.  Opt for a professionally written cover letter and resume from Vertical Media Solutions.  Call us today: 616-631-4300.  Check us out at

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